Failure is not an option

FINO is a revolutionary ERC20 based coin with constant buyback mechanisms in the hands of the community.

About us

FINO is an ERC20 token that is able to provide the investor with power over the chart.

Low Transaction Fees

FINO has a 3% fee on all buy and sell transactions, that goes 100% into the buyback contract.

Veteran Team

The $FINO team consists of major marketers from several previously successful projects from 2021-2023. The team has been building web3 technology for years & came up with $FINO as the first decentralized buyback utility token ever.

Power in Your Hands

As a FINO holder, you have the power to decide when a buyback will be triggered. With the buyback dapp, you can check the accumulated balance and vote for a buyback at any time.

Power to our community

The Decentralized Buyback Solution

The FINO buyback dapp will ensure the success of the project, by giving holders the control over the decision that affects their investment.


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Q2 2023

Token Launch

The $Fino token will launch on Uniswap as an erc-20 Token

Community BuyBack

Taxes from the token will be locked in a vault. The community will have to rally to unlock the buyback

Tracking Sites

$FINO will be listed on popular coin tracking sites like CoinMarketCap & more

Q3 2023

New Buyback Utilities

The team will add a new buyback utility


The $FINO token will be able to be staked & the community can earn high APY’s

BuyBack NFTs

An NFT collection will be released with a unique utility that will also buyback the $Fino token

Q4 2023


Take full control of your investment

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